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September Calls and I Pick Up

There I was, wondering how it got to be August, and then it was Labor Day, the last day of the pool, rained out. My friend Sue Poulakis captured the transition moment perfectly in this photograph. Summer’s gone, but now … Continue reading

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How Did it Get to be August?

I wrote in May about taking time for spring, and now I’m wondering if I took time for summer, because I’ve looked at the calendar, and summer’s almost gone. There is a time, around the Fourth of July, when the … Continue reading

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Taking Time for Spring

A week of beautiful days in New York: spring sun, clear skies, vibrant tulips, blossoming trees, green bursting out everywhere.  I walked out of Whole Foods last night at the hour between the sun going down and the night coming … Continue reading

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The Power of the Handwritten Written Word

My college roommate wrote me that when her son was home for Christmas, he pulled a Herman Hesse book off their bookshelves and found a letter from me to her, written one summer more than three decades ago. Her son … Continue reading

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Talking About Death

It’s always there, death, but we don’t often speak about it, and when it shows up close to home — affecting family or friends, making us catch our breath as we read the newspaper or watch the evening news — … Continue reading

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Spring Thoughts

Spring Thoughts Here in Nice, wisteria is in full bloom everywhere: cascading over fences, climbing up walls, surprising your breath with a cloud of perfume as you turn a corner.  Trees with purple blossoms, trees with brilliant white blossoms, and … Continue reading

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Call Me Trim Tab

“It’s hard for me to imagine coming to an understanding of spirituality in a single moment.  . . . Perhaps the greatest problem with this word is the line it seems to imply between spirit and flesh, between some exalted, … Continue reading

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