It’s an acronym for: What Are We Doing With Our Lives?

It’s a question many people ask themselves every day.  Or maybe even every hour.  And if you aren’t asking yourself this question, maybe you should. 

Wawdwol  is a very useful word.  Sometimes you’re sitting in front of the computer at work, or at home, or sitting in your car or on the bus, and thinking about your life, perhaps in a not very charitable way.  Your phone rings, and a friend on the other end asks what you’re doing.  You could go into an extended and complicated monologue about whether you chose the right major in college, or perhaps are thinking that you should’ve moved to California in 1996, or can’t stand your boss, or you could just say: “I’m wawdwoling.” (Pronunciation hint: wad + wall +ing.)

Or, if you’re wondering these things in the privacy of your own home, with a significant other around, you can just spin around the room with your hands pasted to your cheeks a la The Scream and yell out: “WAWDWOL! WAWDWOL!”  The S.O. — if he or she is actually significant – will understand and will probably make you a drink.

So wawdwol, as a word  (verb, adjective, expletive), is a very useful and efficient means of communicating a very deep message.

With this website, we’re interested in exploring answers to this question, in exploring how different people are answering this question (including us), so we can perhaps help other people answer this question for themselves.  Or maybe “answer” is too big a goal.  Ok, let’s just say our mission is to provide information, a forum for others to contribute their thoughts, our own insights/explorations/questions, and a sense of humor that can help you change your life – or change how you look at life.

To that end, we’ve come up with a bunch of taglines, but no favorite.


  • No gurus, just ideas.
  • Information on life.  Your life. 
  • Wondering what you’re doing with your life?  You’re not alone.
  • Confused? Come to WAWDWOL.  We’re confused too. 

Digression:  Of course there is the more personal acronym, Waidwml (What am I doing with my life?); however, in addition to being difficult to say (wade-wimmel), it doesn’t connect you with the broad community of Wawdwolians out there.  You’re not alone, really.  And admitting you are part of the collective is the first step to getting out of the collective.  So join up.  Embrace wawdwol.  We’re here for you.


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