September Calls and I Pick Up

End of SummerThere I was, wondering how it got to be August, and then it was Labor Day, the last day of the pool, rained out.

My friend Sue Poulakis captured the transition moment perfectly in this photograph.

Summer’s gone, but now I’m okay with that (not that it would matter if I weren’t) — the cool nights and clear, sunny days are hopeful, energizing. It’s time to crack open a notebook, sharpen your pencils, and shake off the summer daze. That’s the great thing about seasons, each one can give you the feeling of a new beginning. A fresh start four times a year? I’ll take it.

Summer, you are so last month.

Autumn: fall into it.

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5 Responses to September Calls and I Pick Up

  1. Supie says:

    I am cheered by your post, trying not to mourn my dying flowers. Somehow mums don’t do it for me!

  2. George Ketigian says:

    Thanks Jenn !!

    George Ketigian Vic-Armen Realty, LLC 516-849-3984

  3. fotmountain says:

    Oh, I’m falling! Very excited to get back into a routine and sharpen my…fingertips [I can’t deny my love for typing]. Nothing beats the cold like burning verbal passions. Thanks for another beautiful reminder.

  4. jjw says:

    Maybe you should start screening your calls.

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