I Think to Myself

Bird of ParadiseSome good friends recently sent me a link to a great BBC One video wherein the words of the song “What a Wonderful World” are narrated by David Attenborough to some beautiful clips of Nature. While I’ve heard the song a million times — and it’s hard not to hear Satchmo’s voice in the narration — I was struck by the repetition of the words “I think to myself.”  It made me think to myself that it is helpful and satisfying to not just think of it (the beauty and wonder of the world) to yourself, but to always try to share that thought with others, as my friends did with me by sending me this video link.

A simple “Nature ping” like this can help you come out of yourself and get some perspective on life — when you can take even just a moment to see such magnificence around us.  So do a friend a favor by sharing with him/her something as simply beautiful as this video.   Oh…yeah…

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