Spring and Poetry

Icarus also flew -- from Falling and Flying -- Jack GilbertSpring and Poetry

We’ve neglected WAWDWOL, but we’re circling back to it.  The winter appears to finally be receding.  Days are longer, fragrant white flowers have bloomed on the bushes outside our door.  I find myself stopped again and again by poetry – and found a poetry project you can view, be inspired by, and contribute to (maybe even win a prize!).

It’s sponsored by the Academy of American Poets and its called Free Verse: Poetry in the Wild.  Here’s how it works (from the poets.org website):

Write lines on a sandy beach, assemble twigs on a hillside, or chalk the sidewalk. Take a photo before it disappears and post it in the Free Verse group page on Flickr, on the Academy’s Page on Facebook, or email your photo to freeverse@poets.org. Include the source of your lines in the photo caption (please do not send your own poetry). The most imaginative photos will be featured on Poets.org. All photos submitted by April 15 will be eligible to win a copy of the new Poem in Your Pocket anthology and a commemorative piece of jewelry by designer Jeanine Payer.

You can find more info on the freeverse project here.  Just browsing the flickr page gets your creativity flowing.  Please let us know if you send something in.

I also found a poem by Barbara Crooker about spring, life, and what we’re doing with both.

 . . . I think
I’ve driven into spring, as the woods revive
with a loud shout, redbud trees, their gaudy
scarves flung over bark’s bare limbs. Barely doing
sixty, I pass a tractor trailer called Glory Bound,
and aren’t we just? Just yesterday,
I read Li Po: “There is no end of things
in the heart,” but it seems like things
are always ending—vacation or childhood,
relationships, stores going out of business,
like the one that sold jeans that really fit—
And where do we fit in? How can we get up
in the morning, knowing what we do? But we do,
put one foot after the other, open the window,
make coffee, watch the steam curl up
and disappear.

Read the whole poem here.

Meanwhile, here is some inspirational poetry we found in Istanbul.

Istanbul graffitti

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