Only Connect

Little girl connecting with Grandma's poodleIt’s easy to be scared right now.  Friends are losing jobs, the economic outlook is tenuous, and reading the news doesn’t offer much in the way of hope.  How to feel better, how to do something, anything, that makes you feel as if you’re moving forward?  Baby steps may be the best we can expect right now.  Here are some from Kimberly Palmer’s US News and World Report article, 5 Ways To Be Happy in a Recession:

– Take care of yourself

– Become more charitable

– Spend more time and money on enjoyable activities

– Invest in relationships

– Focus on what you’re grateful for

Read the article to understand where she’s coming from.  “Spending more time and money on enjoyable activities” sounds impossible when you’re worried about keeping your job, or, if you’ve lost your job, keeping your home.  But focus on the things you enjoy that don’t cost money — taking your dog for a walk, perhaps, or playing with your kids.  Finding free or low-cost classes, perhaps, at your local library or community center. Getting together with friends.  Just don’t hole up alone — reach out and talk to other people.  You feel better when you connect.

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