Doing your part by “Underachieving”

Bev's cat Boo inspecting the teddy bears

Bev’s cat Boo inspecting the teddy bears

Below is an excerpt from an email we received from a good friend of ours, expressing some of her personal answers to wawdwol.  Wawdwol answers can only come by taking action.  And they don’t have to be big to be important.  What we love about Bev is her unique, positive twist on the critical term “underachieving.”

When I first heard wawdwol, I thought it was all about what am I doing to help the earth, mankind, blah de blah. So, I sat down and thought for about 30 seconds, which for those of you who know me, is a long time.

What do I do with my life?  I go to estate sales all year long and I collect Christmas stuff, towels and blankets, pet items, and teddy bears.  I store the bears and Christmas stuff until December. Bears go to toys drives for children who don’t get presents. The Christmas ornaments, gift-wrap, etc. goes to “Pick of the Litter,” the local used store where all the proceeds go to the SPCA.  Christmas is a huge draw and they always need more new or nearly-new items (a term I love).  The towels and blankets go to various animal rescue groups all year long.  I also collect cat items, things like decks of cards with cats on them, water bowls, cat toys, bedding, figures, you name it I have found it with a cat on it.  All of that goes to a fundraiser for a group of people that rescue cats from the streets and from shelters that kill.

I also donate blood every 8 weeks; I am O positive which means I’m so common that they can always use my blood. Of course O negative is the universal donor and can be used by anyone; still, I get phone calls, e-mails, and snail mail from the blood banks asking me to come on down.

My donation of time, money and bodily fluids… is the ultimate recycling.  I take what you don’t want or need and get it in the hands of someone that does want or need it.  I get to meet a lot of great people.  For me it has always been about people. I have to give credit to all my elementary school teachers that named me “underachiever.”  A term I hate but can’t argue.  I think small.

What am I doing with my life: I try to leave a smile on the face of everyone I meet.  One day at the mall I saw a woman that was dressed head to toe in red. She was coming down the escalator.  It was clear that she had spent a lot of time getting ready for this outing.  She was an older woman, not someone that would get the attention of the average passerby.  I slowed down so that we meet and I said, “WOW! You look fantastic.”  She blushed and thanked me.  Then she strutted down the mall.  Made my day.

I look for the little things.  Another escalator story — I saw an elderly woman hesitating at the top, so I went over and found out her eyesight wasn’t good and she was afraid she would miss-step and fall.  I took her hand and told her when to step forward.  When we got to the bottom I did the same to help her get off safely.  Her eyes were beaming and she said, “That was fun!”  I asked her if she’d like to do it again and she said, “You know, I would!”  So we went up and down again and I loved it!

Bev's bears awaiting assignment

Bev’s bears awaiting assignment

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