Frank and Bono

Jazz is about the moment you're in.

“Jazz is about the moment you’re in.”

“Fully inhabiting the moment during that tiny dot of time after you’ve pressed “record” is what makes it eternal.  If, like Frank, you sing it like you’ll never sing it again. If, like Frank, you sing it like you never have before.” — Bono

This is an excerpt from a New York Times op-ed by Bono about Frank Sinatra, and in particular about Frank’s views on jazz and his various renditions of the song “My Way.” In this new year, it may be helpful to think of each day as a fresh chance to press the “record” button, and truly sing, truly live in the moment, “like you never have before.”

(Note from Jen: I am seizing this new day as a fresh chance to extract “as” from the bellies of the vox populi monster that is always trying to chew up the grammatically correct and spit out the incorrect and say that it’s okay because it’s “my way.” I say, in the new year, make an attempt to live as you perhaps never have before: press “record,” speak distinctly and grammatically, and fully inhabit this tiny dot of time you’ve been given.

Or, as Frank sang: “To say the words…he truly feels, …and not the words…of one who mangles the English language.” Something like that, anyway.)

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