Sunset with jet-stream ribbons (Nice)Below is a poetic “musing” by a good friend of ours.  Her thoughts and hopes for the new year express a zest for life that we find inspiring.  (This is from her newsletter, which you can sign up for on the website for her wonderful vintage clothing business.) 

Regarding the New Year

My belly is full and warm.  I made a vegetable soup.
My kitten Bug is making little noises at my feet.
He wants cuddles.
JD is in the other room reading his book.
Love hangs quietly in the air between us.
The year begins.
It is not glamorous, nor extraordinary.  It is
just life today.  I treasure the simplicity and the
beauty of these moments.

We went on a hike and spoke of change.
We have dreams of change.  We want growth and
yet, we fear it.
It is normal to fear change.  What we know is a
safe zone, even if we have outgrown it.

And so, we stated that what we want for the
New Year is willingness.  We made a resolution
only to be willing.  I am willing to change.  I am
willing to grow.  I am willing to admit that I don’t know
how.  I am willing to ask for help and direction.
I am willing to listen.
I am willing to be afraid.  I am willing to be uncomfortable.
I am willing to be innocent.  I am willing to be still. I
am willing to really see. I am willing to say yes.
I am willing to embrace more and more and
more…… love.  Slowly….  Slowly.
I am willing.
I am willing.
Whatever it is you want, whatever it is you feel you need.
Be willing.  Start with that and begin.

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