Kidney Season

Ligne indéterminée by Bernar VenetToday, we want to share with you some winter well-being tips we received from a Chinese Medicine practitioner we know and respect, Nan Lu of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.  We especially like his thoughts on fear and change – a different perspective on approaching “the crisis” (here in France it is referred to, always, as la crise).

  • According to the Chinese calendar, winter officially began on November 7th, and so, the essence of kidney season is upon us.  I would like to share some thoughts with you that I hope will help you tap into this winter energy.
  • Eat foods that sustain your kidney energy.  Some suggestions are:  goji berries, cinnamon, seafood, beans, walnuts, pine nuts, black sesame seeds, bone soup.  Black is the color associated with kidney energy:  be mindful that as you wear this color, you are supporting your kidney function.  [Ed. Note: New Yorkers must have very strong kidneys!]
  • As you go through your daily life this season, take time to look at the trees.  Notice that the branches that once were full and green are now bare and black.  Remember what has happened here; the tree has let go of its outer, visible form.  Its life force has traveled deep down into its roots and will remain there, sustaining, nurturing and supporting its core essence all winter long.  The fruit of this abiding, contemplative work will manifest in the springtime with a lush, vibrant explosion of growth and color.  And so, remember that you also are like the tall oak.   Nature provides us with the winter season so that we can take the time to go within, to go deep down into our roots, and be mindful of the life within.
  • Fear is kidney’s emotion, so this is a good time to take a look at your fears.  With the recent upheaval in the financial market, I see that many of my patients are consumed with fear; fear of the future, fear of not having enough, fear of not being enough.  The ancient Chinese believed that times of crisis are also times of opportunity; the more that is at stake, the greater the potential for amazing change.  Life is calling us to look at what really matters, to face our fears and make the necessary changes in our lifestyle, but most of all in our belief system, in our perspective, in our mindset.  Lasting change only comes from how we choose to see our life, one another and our world. 
  • I hope that these suggestions will help you have a peaceful winter so that you emerge in the spring as a renewed person.  Remember that Nature is always supporting you —you have only to be open to receive. 

With my best wishes,

Nan Lu, OMD

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